Anterior Pituitary gland in reproduction

The pituitary gland is primarily derived from

A. Neural ectoderm gives rise to the posterior lobe
B. Surface ectoderm produces Rathke’s pouch
C. Anterior and intermediate lobes develop from Rathke’s pouch
D. All of the above

Not true of pituitary gland cells

A. Compact and highly vascular gland
B. Oval beta cells produce gonadotropins
C. Prolactin is released from alpha cells
D. Granulated alpha cells produce thyrotropin

Which is true of Gonadotropins

A. Water-soluble polypeptides of low molecular weight
B. LH Synthesizes receptors for FSH
C. LH induces autocrine and paracrine function
D. FSH rescues follicles from apoptosis

Which is not a function of LH

A. Synthesizes prostaglandins
B. Resumption of meiosis in oocyte
C. Stimulates plasminogen activator necessary for ovulation
D. Stimulates the enzymes necessary for androgen

Not true of GnRH pulse frequency

A. Low-frequency pulses of GnRH appear to favor LH
B. Low-frequency pulses of GnRH promote FSH synthesis
C. LH pulse frequency remains constant in males
D. FSH is not stored in secretion granules and has a longer half-life in the circulation

True of Gonadotropin receptors are all except

A. Consist of a cysteine-rich domain
B. Class of G protein–coupled receptors
C. Have several leucine-rich repeats (LRRs)
D. Production of activin and inhibin occurs through activation of LH receptor

In shorts

  • Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) is clearly linked with ACTH. The hormone is increased during puberty and in pregnancy.
  • The gonadotropin-secretion profiles are also sexually dimorphic, differing dramatically between males and females.
  • Gonadotropins from natural and recombinant sources have been the mainstay of infertility treatment in men and women and remain a crucial component of induction of ovulation for assisted reproduction.
  • The recombinant gonadotropins have advantages of greater batch-to-batch consistency and purity compared with hMG and hCG, the latter are still widely used, as they are less expensive and effective.

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