Vaginal Carcinoma

Mechanism of HPV mediated vaginal cancer includes-

A. E6 and E7 Overexpression
B. E7 protein targets pRb protein
C. E6 interacts with p53 for breakdown
D. All of the above

DES induced vaginal CA is –

A. Squamous cell CA
B. Adenocarcinoma
C. Adenoacanthoma
D. Melanoma

Commonest site for vaginal CA

A. Lateral fornices
B. Upper third of posterior wall
C. Upper third of anterior wall
D. Lower third of posterior wall

Radiation treatment is contraindicated in which type of vaginal CA –

A. Vaginal melanomas
B. Adenocarcinoma
C. Squamous cell carcinoma
D. Verrucous carcinoma

Sarcoma botryoides refers to a type of –

A. Rhabdomyosarcoma
B. Leiomyosarcoma
C. Fibrosarcoma
D. Angiosarcoma

Lower-third of the anterior vaginal wall is involved in –

A. Fibrosarcoma
B. Melanoma
C. Choriocarcinoma
D. Cervical cancer


  • Verrucous carcinoma is composed of large papillary fronds covered by dense keratin. It has pushing borders in the deep margins as opposed to the well-demarcated borders of benign condyloma acuminate.
  • Primary vaginal melanoma is a rare mucosal neoplasm, which is more aggressive than cutaneous melanoma.
  • The lesion In DES induced clear cell adenocarcinoma usually involves the upper-third of the anterior vaginal wall.
  • As a synchronous or metachronous tumor, vaginal cancer is frequently found in combination with cervical cancer.

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