Peyer’s patches

Payers patches are seen in all EXCEPT

A. Duodenum

B. Jejunum

C. Ileum

D. Caecum

Maximum Payer’s patches are concentrated in

A. Proximal ileum

B. Mid ileum

C. Distal ileum

D. Equally distributed

Number of Peyer’s patches peaks at age

A. 10 Years

B. 20 Years

C. 40 Years

D. 60 Years

What is the number of Peyer’s patches in humans

A. 10

B. 100

C. 1000

D. 10,000

Payers patches are located in which layer of the ileum?

A. Mucosa

B. Lamina propria

C. Submucosa

D. Tunica muscularis

In payer’s patches major function of microfold cells is uptake and transport of

A. Nutrient

B. Vitamin

C. Mucous

D. Antigen

Which cells are seen to dominate the follicles’ germinal centersin adults?

A. T lymphocytes

B. B lymphocytes

C. Macrophages

D. T- Helper cells

Hypertrophy of Peyer’s patches has been closely associated with

A. Acute Appendicitis

B. Meckel’s diverticulitis

C. Idiopathic intussusception

D. Chronic Cholecystitis

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