Gynecology MCQs-I

Most common site for endometriosis

A. Pouch of Douglas.
B. Ovary
C. Posterior surface of the uterus
D. Broad ligament

Most common symptom of endometriosis

A. Infertility
B. Pain
C. Backache
D. Dyspareunia

What is the gold standard for diagnosis in endometriosis

A. CT Scan

B. MRI Scan

C. Ultrasonography

D. Surgically biopsy

All are TRUE about symptomatic improvement in endometriosis EXCEPT

A. Exercise

B. Stop Alcohol

C. Combined oral contraceptives

D. Surgery is cure for endometriosis

Most commonly accepted theory for the dissemination and transformation of ectopic endometrium into endometriosis

A. Retrograde menstruation

B. Müllerianosis

C. Coelomic metaplasia

D. Vascular dissemination of stem cells

48 year old female came with complain of pelvic pain and dyspareunia. She has history of infertility. Ultrasonography of abdomen and pelvis revealed presence of endometriomas on the ovary. The patient diagnosis is

A. Stage I Endometriosis

B. Stage II Endometriosis

C. Stage III Endometriosis

D. Stage IV Endometriosis

Most common sites of endometriosis

Most common sites of endometriosis are the ovaries, followed by the Douglas pouch, the posterior leaves of the broad ligaments, and the sacrouterine ligaments

Techniques of choice for non-invasive diagnosis

Deep infiltrating endometriosis, TVUS, TRUS and MRI are the techniques of choice for non-invasive diagnosis with a high sensitivity and specificity

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