Broadbent’s Sign:

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Where to observe for Broadbent’s Sign?

  • Retraction of the thoracic wall is synchronous with cardiac systole 
  • Retraction is visible in the left posterior axillary line.
  • 11th and 12th ribs are indrawn, with narrowing of the intercostal space posteriorly
  • There is marked systolic retraction of left ribs 11 and 12 (floating ribs) on the posterior and lateral aspect of the chest. 

What are the phases of Broadbent’s Sign?

  • Systolic retraction followed by a sharp rebound during diastole. 

What is the mechanism of Broadbent’s Sign?

  • Seen in case adhesive pericarditis.- adhesion of the pericardium to the diaphragm and part of the thoracic wall.  
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